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    Welcome to our holistic massage therapy practice & healing spaces, in Camas & Vancouver, WA.  Since 2004, both Fawn & Dustin have been committed to improving people's performance, recovery time and community connectivity.  Please accept a heartfelt invitation to Recover & Perform Better;  through Transformative Experience, Healthful Habits and the Power of Massage.

    We look forward to hearing your story and working with you.  We intend to create a safe & healing space, for greater Self & somatic awareness, while addressing & alleviating common challenges, such as:

    • Posture & Balanced Mobility • Sports Performance & Recovery
    • Neck Stiffness & Pain • Low Back, Torso & Hip Pain
    • Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Pain • Leg and Foot Strain & Fatigue
    • Auto, Work & Sport Injuries • Mental/Physical Stress Fatigue
    Experience effective massage & bodywork services that open space for recovery.  In addition to individual massage treatments, gift certificates and honored citizen discounts are available, to encourage you and others on a path to better performance & recovery.  We are also proud to participate in events & charities that enrich our community.

    Our experience is diversely based in Eastern & Western healing theories & Practice.  We facilitate grounded insight, provide intuitive touch, and peaceful sense-ability.  We are grateful to have an ability to provide meaningful and measurable results.  Meet your wellness advocates/therapists now.

    Make your first visit worry-free.  Download your personal health intake and have all necessary forms complete upon arrival.  View a selection of frequently asked questions or submit your own.

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    Dustin Brubaker, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Clinical Massage Therapist  ·  Lic # MA00019889
    Fawndove Brubaker, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist  ·  Lic #MA60242466
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    (Our business does not retail; however, we will consider this book a complimentary companion to the bodywork services we provide.)

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